Fiber Optic Cable Laying Works

At EPS we fully understand the requirements and demands of the industry, hence we offer our clients unmatched innovative solutions delivered safely and to their precise specification. The experience and depth of projects, fiber optic work covered shall consist of furnishing labor, equipment, supplies, materials, and testing unless otherwise specified, and performing the following operations recognized as necessary for the installation, termination, and labeling of horizontal optical fiber infrastructure as per client/authority specifications. 

  • Installation, splicing, termination, testing, labeling and documentation of a backup inter office fiber optic communication cable 
  • Our teams are well experienced in the installation environments to include tie in and coordination with existing fiber, telephone, electric and/or microwave facilities, overhead duct banks, and utility tunnel pathways.
  • EPS specialized teams have successfully completed works for: placement of cable, installation and attachment of cable to support devices within the utility tunnel system, overhead structures, and pole lines, the placement of conduit, the installation of pull-boxes, the furnishings of fiber optic splice closures, and installation of termination hardware.

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