Civil, Building & Maintenance Division

At EPS’s Building Division, We have ventured into villa projects with complete design and build capabilities with end-to-end delivery of the projects at hand. We continue to build a reputation of adapting our business model to help our clients achieve their desired outcomes with certainty. Our unique operating model differs from those of other major contractors and enables us to deliver certainty to clients. At the core of this model are areas of industry-leading expertise; excellence in engineering; use of digital technologies; and the use of modern construction methods to deliver projects quicker, greener, more safely and to a higher standard. All of which is underpinned by the energy, ambition, innovation, and teamwork of our people. In order to meet tight budgets and schedules, these outstanding and complex constructions require close coordination in terms of design, method and execution. To respond to this need, EPS has developed a strong Engineering Department including engineers and technicians dedicated to structural design and geotechnics as well as BIM, methods and planning. Together with the production specialist, our Engineering Department brings added value through optimized design, better buildability and the selection of the most efficient construction tools.

Our future direction is to go into large scale construction contracts spanning into:

Highrise Building Projects

Infrastructure Projects.

Marine Works.

Sports & Leisure Projects.

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